“Lets start a fitness revolution…one K.I.S.S. at a time”. 

The students of LCMS have made it their goal to revive the art of “Play time” while fighting diabetes and other obesity related diseases. We started by redefining our approach to fitness in the 21st century. No longer are children playing outside in the traditional manner that so many of us remember. In our technologically based society, play for today’s children is more sedentary. K.I.S.S. Club directors recognize the danger of accepting this sedentary lifestyle as the norm.

In an effort to get our kids moving again, we provide students with many opportunities to stay fit each week. K.I.S.S. Club implements creative approaches to eating right and exercising through organized fitness and nutrition challenges, specialized nutrition classes, fitness competitions and much more. 

K.I.S.S. directors also provide students with opportunities for community outreach. Directors view selfless service as a way to build self-esteem and transform students into leaders.

The website is great resource for parents too. The K.I.S.S. website has information about ways to stay fit, healthy recipes, and nutrition links, how your child can get moving, and how parents can get involved.

So come on and join our fitness revolution. We aim to put a K.I.S.S. Club in every school in Georgia and across the nation…”One K.I.S.S. at a time”.

Please take this time to navigate through our website to learn more about our club and how you can help make a difference. We offer a variety of ways you can donate to help eradicate childhood obesity in America. Our children deserve it. Remember, they are the future.