Carter-Dye and Oprah at Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend


At Oprah’s The Life You Want in Atlanta, Oprah challenged the audience to fulfill their greatest potential. To find their calling and summon the courage to live it. Carter-Dye is doing just that. For over 15 years she has Continue Reading

Dwayne Harris throws his support behind KISS


New York Giants wide receiver, Dwayne Harris has thrown his support behind K.I.S.S. to help deflate the growing childhood obesity numbers in his home state of Georgia. Georgia has the 2nd highest obesity rate in the country. His involvement in K.I.S.S. Club was covered on Positively Georgia.

KISS Results

Everyone report to KISS Club on Tuesday, November 12th. You will receive more details about your duties and a monthly schedule.

Also if you have a phone, send a text to (706) 391-4685 with the message @KISS1 to get reminders on meetings and more.


8th Grade

  • Kadyn Bryant
  • Tori Gee
  • Hannah Grant
  • Jack Jackson
  • Taylor Prest
  • Keirstan Purvis
  • Machayla Rider
  • Mary Thomas
  • Ariana Vendetti
  • Victoria Zappi

7th Grade

  • Lillian Allison
  • Zechariah Bishop
  • Cooper Fradono
  • Linda Haxiu
  • Lytzy Hernandez
  • Grace King
  • Annie Landers
  • Ethan Leglar
  • Julia Merritt
  • Mylissa Neighbors
  • Kishan Patel
  • Alyssa Perez
  • Chris Reed
  • McKenzie Rider

6th Grade

  • Jaida Allison
  • Keona Anderson
  • Tori Beck
  • Allea Harris
  • Stellena Osorio
  • Destiny Sullens
  • Olivia Wendl


  • Julie Jones
  • Breanna Abernathy
  • Jay Bowens
  • Hailey Justus
  • Jennifer Martinez 
  • Ale Gallegos 
  • Lita Sills 
  • Courtney Byrne 
  • Suchi Patel 
  • Lindsey Dockery 
  • Jacob Demello 
  • Evelyn Dornhecker

 Way to go everyone! Let’s make this the best year of K.I.S.S. yet.