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K.I.S.S. Club’s Purpose

America! What are we going to do about our big fat problem? We’ve seen the documentary, we know the truth, and yet nothing has been done on an enormous scale to tip the balance. Why is obesity still a major health problem after 30 years of fighting? Because staying healthy in America is too hard! The solution? Make staying healthy fun and easy. The UN recognizes play as the birthright of all children. Let’s restore play in our schools, parks, and backyards.
Over 46 schools nationwide have reached out to Carter-Dye for help implementing similar clubs in their school. Directors have discovered how to install K.I.S.S. Clubs (Kids In Super Shape) free to parents and schools. With your help we can give every school a free K.I.S.S. Why free? Because no child should have to pay to play.
Teachers can’t do this alone. We need your help. Click “Get Involved” to see all the ways you can become part of the revolution to save our children.